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When Maths Becomes A Scary Problem

Oct 3, 2022

With Halloween just around the corner, what should you do when you feel like maths is becoming a scary problem in your child’s education journey?   Noticing your child is starting to have a distaste for maths? Saying things like they hate math...

How to get into selective schools? How can tutoring help?

Aug 31, 2022

With 26 selective schools in Australia and more and more forming, parents often visit Mathnasium asking how we can give their child the best chance of passing an entrance exam to become accepted into a selective school. Questions range from what k...

Get Crafty with Maths These School Holidays!

Aug 31, 2022

Who said Maths isn’t for the creative kids! Here at Mathnasium we know Maths is so much more than basic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. So much of what we know about maths is second nature and you may not even think to put it ...

When Should Kids Start Learning Maths?

Aug 31, 2022

Maths is more than just addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Most maths skills are so intuitive to adults that you might not even think of them as belonging to the same category as algebra or trigonometry. Kids start learning maths...

Maths Is More Than Numbers: How Problem Solving Skills Establish The Workforce Of The Future

Jul 25, 2022

Using Maths to Improve Important Life Skills On the surface, maths may seem like it’s all about numbers and formulas. However, this versatile subject is about much more than just counting, adding, and subtracting. Discover why maths is more tha...

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