Great Foundations School Readiness Program 

Mathnasium knows any child can be successful in maths. We understand there are a multitude of factors that influence this success including the way maths is taught to kids, alongside their familiarity, practice and exposure to mathematical concepts, especially from a young age. Our school readiness program looks at bringing maths principles to children aged 4-6 in a fun and engaging way, so maths becomes something they enjoy, that captivates them and that they look to master, not fear.

What is school readiness?

The term ‘school readiness’ is used frequently across settings and refers to a child’s readiness to start school successfully and their capacity to undertake learning. The phrase incorporates a variety of ‘readiness’ from being physically ready to emotionally, socially and cognitively ready. 

Why introduce your child to maths early?

A developmental psychology study in 20071 revealed that students who are exposed to maths from a young age are more likely to succeed in school. One of the best ways to introduce your kids to maths principles from an early age is through a school readiness program. Early introduction to maths concepts helps spark curiosity and dispels nerves about the numerical language. With a school readiness program your child gets an extra leg up, helping to build confidence when tackling maths in the classroom.  

Who is the school readiness program for?

Mathnasium’s Great Foundations school readiness program is designed for preschool and kindergarten children from ages 4 to 6 years old. 

What makes Mathnasium school readiness program different from other maths programs?

Working with children across five continents, Mathnasium has extensive experience working with kids at an introductory maths level. Whilst many maths programs focus on rote learning and memorisation techniques, here at Mathnasium we work on building a deeper understanding of foundational maths principles so your child feels confident to tackle any maths problems. Mathnasium’s school readiness program works to form strong mathematical foundations through the following maths principles:

  1. Mathematical attributes: Determining object similarities and differences in a quantitative and qualitative function.
  2. Spatial relationships: We work towards building spatial awareness through an understanding of the relative position of objects. 
  3. Classification: Ability to sort different items into groups based on attributes. 
  4. Patterns: We work with children to recognise the connections between objects and numbers, and identify patterns.
  5. Correspondence: Ability to connect numerical values to the quantity of objects.
  6. Ordering: Items are classified by attribute, position or comparative value. 
  7. Shapes: Ability to identify different geometric shapes and their ability to fit into 2 and 3 dimensional space. 

Through the Great Foundations program, Mathnasium develops school readiness with a tried and tested program able to effectively meet the needs of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. Through a range of verbal, visual, tactile and written techniques, our expert tutors work to establish number sense. Delivered in Australia across Mathnasium maths learning centres, our school readiness program establishes numerical fluency in young children. Lessons are designed to be engaging and fun, sparking an appreciation for maths concepts and working to build number sense. 

How can my child try out the Mathnasium school readiness program?

Contact your local centre today to see what school readiness programs are on offer in your local area.  

Shape your child’s future with Mathnasium’s Great Foundations school readiness program.