NAPLAN Tutoring

Mathnasium Learning Centres are maths-only specialists that provide flexible, expert NAPLAN tutoring in maths, for primary school and high school students Australia-wide. At Mathnasium we focus on developing genuine understanding and application of concepts in maths, giving students the problem solving  skills and confidence to excel in NAPLAN numeracy tests. 

What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN stands for ‘The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy’ and is a national assessment taken annually in May by students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Numeracy is a major component of NAPLAN. 

How Mathnasium Delivers NAPLAN Tutoring

Mathnasium uses a tried and tested method to help students succeed.

Maths-only Learning Centres and Online:  We offer flexible face-to-face NAPLAN tutoring at our local maths-only learning centres and online through our Mathnasium@home program which provides live face-to-face, instruction over the internet. 

Free Assessment and Individual Programs

All our students receive a free assessment which highlights their current weaknesses and strengths in maths. From here we create an Individual Learning Plan to ensure understanding and skills are built in the fundamental areas of maths that feature throughout NAPLAN numeracy tests. 

Test Preparation

Once students have reached their Learning Plan Goals for topics, test preparation materials are emphasised.  At Mathnasium we believe that both an understanding of core skills and practice around question-types is the best approach to prepare a student for any standardised test.

Frequent and Flexible Learning

Students visit their local maths learning centre 2-3 times each week or through our Mathnasium@home program. 

Mathnasium offers true flexible learning to assist with busy lives so students can attend our centres at different times or on different days, with no need to book. 

Expert Tuition

Mathnasium is renowned globally for its success in helping children understand and excel in maths. The Mathnasium methodology pinpoints with great accuracy concepts that students need to master and creates a plan to help them achieve these through building and developing their skills, confidence and love of maths. Our expert, caring maths tutors support students every step of the way on the journey to maths success. It is with this approach and philosophy that we drive NAPLAN results. 

Who We Help 

NAPLAN numeracy tests take place in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 at school. Mathnasium provides maths tutoring from Kindergarten to Year 10 and offers NAPLAN tutoring to assist students across all year groups studying for tests. Whether you are looking for primary school NAPLAN tutoring or maths tuition for students in high school, we have the expertise and experience to assist.

Why Choose Mathnasium for Maths NAPLAN Tutoring

Mathnasium maths tutoring focuses on much more than preparing for a NAPLAN test. It develops all-round maths skills and confidence so students can not only improve and succeed on NAPLAN tests but in maths throughout the year at school. By developing critical thinking skills and creating solid maths foundations, students have the correct building blocks to apply their knowledge to any questions that they might find in NAPLAN tests, in maths class or homework. Such problem-solving and critical thinking skills are not only an asset to maths but are essential life skills. 

We help parents to understand what to expect from these tests and how the NAPLAN test process works.

We offer students real time feedback to solidify their maths fundamentals which helps them to perform well in NAPLAN test

Give your child the opportunity to succeed in maths with Mathnasium. Find your local Mathnasium centre or discover more about mathnasium@home.