Selective School Test Preparation

Effective test preparation is characterised by a comprehensive understanding of principles and concepts and being able to efficiently apply these under exam conditions. At Mathnasium, this focus is core to all our maths tutoring. With extensive experience across primary and secondary maths curriculums, our expert tutors deliver maths to students in a way that makes sense to them. To cater for students interested in taking the Selective School Test, we can include maths test preparation as part of individualised learning plans that develop solid mathematical foundations. The result? Students feel confident, capable and prepared to tackle mathematical questions that the Selective School Test poses.  

What is the Selective School Test?

The Selective High School Placement Test is an optional exam taken by year 6 students, with opportunities for placement in a selective high school beginning in year 7. Any student is able to take this exam which gauges their academic aptitude. The test is designed to challenge students, requiring them to use critical thinking to decipher a range of questions. The exam comprises four sections: reading, mathematical reasoning, thinking skills and writing. The mathematical reasoning paper consists of 35 multiple choice questions to be completed in a 40 minute timeframe. 

How does Mathnasium provide Selective School Test Preparation? 

Mathnasium takes a consistent approach to your child’s learning needs, employing the Mathnasium Method to develop solid mathematical understanding in students. 
Flexible learning options are available. Students can attend our maths-only learning centres or receive live tutoring via the Mathnasium@home platform.

Custom Assessment

To effectively address knowledge gaps, students take a skills assessment. Through this assessment instructors can effectively evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify any learning gaps.  A customised learning plan is then created to address areas for improvement and advancement. Tutors work with students to develop an understanding of core elements of the maths curriculum and develop strategies and techniques to approach more challenging material covered in the selective school placement test. 

Mathnasium works with students to build strong mathematical foundations and further their understanding of how to apply these principles to complex numerical and worded questions. With familiarisation of question types, and a strong mathematical understanding, students can feel confident to take on even the most challenging questions. 

Expert Tuition

Mathnasium has expert maths instructors. Our instructors are selected for their maths competence, caring nature, and ability to explain complex concepts in simple ways. Instructors create and follow  unique learning paths for each student.  Students are given regular feedback to help them progress successfully. 

How Mathnasium Can Help?

Students who are interested in sitting the Selective High School Placement test and who would like additional support in maths can enrol at Mathnasium. 

As experts in maths tuition at maths-only learning centres and online via Mathnasium@home, Mathnasium provides a quality maths tutoring service that helps to better equip students with the skills and knowledge that they need to confidently sit the mathematical reasoning component of the Selective School Test. With extensive tutoring experience from struggling to advanced maths students, Mathnasium offers individual learning programs that effectively address areas where there are shortfalls, and challenge students to reach the next level in their maths journey. 

Mathnasium programs focus on teaching maths in a way that makes sense to each student. The outcome of adopting this philosophy is that students develop a deeper understanding of maths concepts. They build wide mathematical skills, know-how and confidence, giving them the opportunity to excel in Selective High School Placement maths tests. 

Find your local Mathnasium centre or discover more about Mathnasium@home and give your child the skills, understanding and attitude for success.