Opportunity Class (OC) Test Preparation

Mathnasium delivers expert maths-only tutoring across Australia with individualised learning plans for primary and high school students. We assist students with maths OC Test Preparation using our unique learning methodology to help students develop a real understanding of maths concepts and build the skills to help them excel. 

What is the Opportunity Class (OC) Test?

The OC placement test is a voluntary test taken in Year 4 that assesses academically gifted primary school students ability in reading, mathematical reasoning and thinking. The purpose of the test is to assess students skills and abilities in these subjects and to subsequently offer successful students placement in an opportunity class at a specific school for years 5 and 6. In NSW there are 77 schools offering opportunity classes. Such classes work at an extension level of studies, challenging gifted children to develop their potential.  The Mathematical reasoning test comprises 35 multiple choice questions, within a time period of 40 minutes. The OC test is designed to test academic ability with questions aimed to challenge even the most gifted students. 

Mathnasium method of delivery for OC Test preparation

Using an established and highly successful learning methodology, Mathnasium offers face-to-face and online learning opportunities. Whether in person or online, all Mathnasium tutoring is delivered by expert tutors, providing individualised learning plans to students to help them achieve their potential. Flexible scheduling or flexible drop in is available at our maths-only learning centres whilst online learning opportunities are available with the Mathnasium@home platform.


At Mathnasium we do not take a standardised approach to test preparation. As each student is individual, learns differently and understands mathematical concepts differently, a standardised approach is not an effective way to develop their ability and improve their performance in maths. To begin your child’s journey into OC Test preparation we conduct a comprehensive learning assessment to determine overall mathematical levels and understanding of concepts. From the results of this test we develop a customised learning program to address areas that need focus, improvement and advancement in line with student goals.

Test Preparation

We understand that for many students taking an exam under time restrictions places additional stress on them, and often leads to difficulty with applying concepts. Here at Mathnasium, we work with students to form strategies for effectively tackling OC maths questions. Through our test preparation focus during tuition we dispel nerves about content, types of questions and the impact of time restrictions on performance, to get your child comfortable with the testing environment.

Experienced Instructors

A global pioneer in maths tutoring, Mathnasium has a renowned reputation in guiding students with innovative teaching. Each of our instructors is trained to help your students with any difficult concept on the Australian maths curriculum through methods which help make maths make sense to your child. Our caring expert instructors understand how to build your child’s confidence in maths and their ability to do well. 

Who should attend Mathnasium OC Test Preparation?

Any child interested in taking Opportunity Class test in Year 4 that would like additional support and preparation in maths should attend Mathnasium maths learning centres. Building solid maths foundations and developing skills starts as early as possible and will assist with the outcomes of the OC test. At a minimum students should enrol 6 months ahead of the OC Test with some students beginning their learning journey 1 or 2 years before the actual test. 

Mathnasium also assists parents to understand the content within the OC Test, and involve them in preparing their child for the placement test. Find your local Mathnasium Centre today or see how Mathnasium@home can help.