Mathnasium Testimonials

What People Say about Mathnasium

Great Place and Great Staff! Very professional and caring for the students. My daughter didnt like math at all, since she started at Mathnasium Hornsby she goes to the lectures very happy and resolving a questions very quick. I am so amazed how the staff helped her understand every math questions. After the class finishes, my daughter asked me to come the next day. This is great! The methodology is incredible.
— Giovanna

My daughter, who is in year 8 now, started Mathnasium programs in last June. She has always been performing above average in her grade. She wanted to further improve her Maths skills by doing challenging problems. Mathnasium is helping her greatly to achieve very good results in her school tests. She says that Mathnasium helps her to solve Maths problems using methods that she has never thought of before. She enjoys going there and I see her improving immensely and building confidence. I would highly recommend Mathnasium for your kids, who are excelling Maths or who needs an extra bit of support to shine. Since Mathnasium is an one-on-one programme, kids can benefit more due to the individual learning plan. It is a place where your child can definitely shine! Thank you to all the amazing and friendly staff.
— S.R.

In just about 3 weeks I can see the interest being developed in my daughter and the love for Math growing. The Philosophy that one needs to LOVE Math rather than learn it, is very much evident in the way each child at the centre is catered too. Through love of math learning is inevitable.
— Nazifa

Since having our 7yo start Mathanism, his confidence has grown with wanting to learn has been fabulous.
— R.S.