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Our Team


We are passionate about Maths and we want to make your child feel that way too.

Each one of our specially trained instructor carries Mathnasium Mission.

Mathnasium Mission: teach children maths so they understand it, master it,
and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

Our caring instructors will teach your child how to understand maths in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student.

Instructors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps children thrive and learn!


Learn more about our talented team:   


     SUPARMAN KUSUMA, Director

 Graduated from Mathematic major, I have experience firsthand how Mathematics has played a pivotal role in my banking career and life across Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and UAE before settling down in Sydney.

Our decision to bring Mathnasium to Chatswood neighborhood is a natural outcome of passion as well as desire to help children to find a love and confidence in Math, to enable them to nurture reasoning, creativity, abstract and critical thinking.

Mathnasium translates complex Mathematic concepts down to individual child’s level of understanding and comfort. The well proven Mathnasium Method enable a child to pick up self-learning ability in his/ her own pace, and also to have fun as he/she learns….

As children build up their love and confidence in Math, I am certain the

                                                                   skills learned from Mathnasium will enrich and excel them in their day- 

                                                                   to-day life

CYNTHIA KUSUMA, Director, Center Manager


I had an opportunity to own and operate another math Learning Center in Singapore for a good number of years before our family moved to a different country.

Having first hand experiences teaching more than 200 children and being a mother to a boy myself, I have since came to the believes that:

  • Everyone needs Mathematics. Be it a mechanics, a scientist, a musician, a shop-keeper, an artist, even insects use mathematics for existence!
  • Every child can enjoy and be good in Math if one is given proper guidance and training according to one’s unique individual’s skill and pace.
  •  A customized well-planned method of teaching which provide continuity of learning is a crucial part in building mastery of Math.

I am pleasantly thrilled to find Mathnasium Learning center, not only has the same passion, believe and mission as I have, but also has proven to help more than half a million children around the world to come to love and have confidence in Mathematics.

The method not only teach in a way that make sense to kids, but also is a well-structured method providing a very good sound Mathematics foundation.

Through Mathnasium of Chatswood, it is my passion to see that every child has the opportunity to gain confidence and love of Math, no matter what his/her skill level is.



Hello! My name is Caleb and I am currently studying Commerce and Computer Science at UNSW. I graduated from Girraween High School and studied Extension II Mathematics. I enjoy teaching because I like to see the joy on student's faces when they make breakthroughs in their learning. I believe that although maths can be frustrating at times, it is always a lot of FUN!


Hi there! My name is Finn and I am currently studying Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science at UNSW. I graduated from St Aloysius College with ATAR of 99.5 and studied Extension II Mathematics. I love maths because it helps us understand and reframe our world. I love teaching as it is a great chance to foster the young minds that will guide our future.


Hey! I’m Nich and I am currently studying Actuarial at UNSW. I am an alumnus of North Sydney Boys High School and studied Extension II Mathematics. I love maths because I am a logical thinker and enjoy solving complex problems. Teaching is an opportunity to share my knowledge and seeing others grow their understanding is a rewarding experience.


Hello! My name is Kelly and I hold a Bachelor of Biomedical and Biological Science (Honours) from UTS. I am an alumnus of Ravenswood School for Girls and took 4 units Mathematics. I enjoy teaching it is a very rewarding experience to see students do well in maths. I believe that although maths can be frustrating at times, it is always a lot of FUN!


Hi! My name is Kirtik. I am currently studying Bachelor of Advance Science Majoring in Pure Mathematics at UNSW. I am an alumnus of Cherrybrook Technology High School and studied Extension II Mathematics. I am often referred to as a go-getter! I love maths because it requires deep thinking about simple ideas and it is beautiful and poetic. I love teaching because I want to help others see that a seemingly complex idea can be broken down into easier problems.