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Our Team

Our specially trained maths instructors will teach your child how to understand maths in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps children thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:           

Ratika Khandelwal, Owner and Centre Manager

Hi! After having lived in 4 countries across three continents, having two kids and a passion for maths; I decided to bring Mathnasium to Australia to inspire children in STEM fields and address key questions that all parents, no matter where they are, have:

  • What are my child's gap?
  • How do I fill these gaps? and,
  • How do I challenge/enrich my child?

Through Mathnasium MethodTM we identify the gaps in a child's maths knowledge through an extensive assessment and then create a customized learning plan. This approach transforms the way children understand and appreciate maths and help them build their number sense. This not only fills their gaps, but also accelerate their learning. We are committed to a student's long term success vs. just getting through the next test.

I have a bachelor's in Biology and an MBA. I have worked in hospitality and insurance industries. But my passion is maths and teaching and so Mathnasium! 


Amu Ramalingam, Assistant Centre Manager & Lead Instructor

Hello! The passion for teaching and love for maths has brought me to the Mathnasium of Hornsby. After completing my Masters in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS), I decided to pursue my career in mathematics and teaching. With over four years of experience as a maths teacher and centre manager, my passion has only grown. I look forward to each day with the thought of enriching young minds, unlocking their potential and form a lasting bond with every child and their parents! I believe that Maths is fun and learning it in a way that makes sense makes it enjoyable for every child.


Sihua Liu, Instructor







Hello! I am currently studying Actuarial Studies and Mathematics at UNSW. I am an alumni of North Sydney High School and studied Maths Extension II. My family and friend's one word to describe me is LIVELY! I love maths because there is only one right answer but there are always  different ways of getting to that answer, which makes it challenging but fun for every single question. I love teaching because seeing students improve is incredibly rewarding. It  is also a very interesting challenge to get a student to understand a concept, something which inspires me to get better at teaching each day.


Liam Duncan, Instructor

Hi! I am currently studying Engineering at University of Sydney, I graduated from Pennant Hills High School and studied Maths Extension I. One word to describe me would be FUN! I love maths because I love figuring out new concepts and I love teaching because I enjoy helping kids achieve their goals.


William Wu, Instructor

Hi! I am currently studying Engineering and Commerce at UNSW. I am an alumni of North Sydney Boys High School and studied Maths Extension II. I am often referred to as a GO-GETTER! I love maths because it is the pinnacle of logical thinking and can express complex things such as the way the universe works in simple terms. I love teaching because sharing my knowledge and seeing others grow due to my guidance is rewarding. 


Daniel Song, Instructor

Hi! I am currently studying Advanced Science at UNSW. I graduated from Killara High School and studied Maths Extension II. One word to describe me would be CURIOUS! I love maths because it is not subjective and challenges logical thinking. I love teaching because I want to show others the beauty of mathematics and its wide application in our everyday life.