Word Problem Wednesday: Democracy!

By | Added Jan 27, 2016

Happy Word Problem Wednesday! This week's problem gives a nod to the democratic process. Give it a try—we'll update with the answer tomorrow!

There are three candidates for class president. Becky received 25% of the total votes. Charles received 45% of the votes. Daniella received 300 votes. What is the total number of votes in the election?

Update: Here's the solution!

We need to find the percent of the votes that Daniella received. From 100% of the votes, Becky has 25% of the votes and Charles has 45% of the votes. So Daniella has 100% – 25% – 45% = 30% of the votes. Since 300 votes represent 30% of the total votes, that means that 100 votes represent 10% of the total votes. So 1,000 votes represent 100% of the total votes.