Word of the Day: "Mathing"

By | Added Oct 16, 2015

In the spirit of National Dictionary Day (October 16), we'd like to share one of our favorite made-up words that we use quite often at Mathnasium. It's not in any dictionary—but we definitely think it should be!

mathing - The activity of actively doing math (mentally, verbally, visually, kinesthetically, and in writing); from the infinitive "to math".

As Mathnasium Method creator Larry Martinek says, "Kids need to learn to math just as they need to learn to read." In fact, you probably "math" with your kids more than you think you do! Here are a few examples:

•  Playing math-related games. We love the Add-It-Up Archery Set, 'Smath, and Be A Math Magician, available through our partners at Lakeshore Learning

•  Discovering math through everyday activities, like using cooking as a framework to play around with ratio and proportion.

•  Engaging your child in conversations about math concepts. Ever talk about infinity while gazing at the stars?

Tell us how you "math" with your kids!

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/10361931@N06/4268897748/